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Eureka® RFID Products

The range of Eureka® RFID products enables Avonwood to provide complete end-to-end asset management solutions to its customer base using standard Eureka® products or when required, bespoke products designed for customer specific applications.

Please view our RFID product range below for more information.

ZoneSafe™ - Proximity Warning System

ZoneSafe™ - Proximity Warning System

ZoneSafe™ is a proximity warning system designed to help prevent collisions between vehicles and personnel working in close proximity to each other.

ZoneSafe™ proximity warning systems:

  • Help to reduce collisions and site risk
  • Improve driver and pedestrian awareness
  • Can be part of effective health and safety management

The ZoneSafe™ proximity warning system produces a 360° invisible detection zone around any vehicle it is fitted to, which interacts with safety transponders worn by personnel. Safety transponders entering a detection zone will trigger a visual and/or audible proximity alert warning to the vehicles driver.

ZoneSafe™ systems have the ability to log system and proximity warning events. Event data from each ZoneSafe™ system can be analysed and compared, which can be used as a management tool to identify possible problem areas and reduce site risk.

ZoneSafe™ proximity warning systems can be deployed on a number of vehicles across different types of work sites including: construction, warehousing, materials handling, ports, rail, waste, quarries and agriculture.

ZoneSafe™ proximity warning systems compliment existing safety procedures and other safety devices.

A range of ZoneSafe™ proximity warning systems and peripheral components are available. Systems include:

  • ZoneSafe™ Standard proximity warning system for heavy vehicles such as excavators and wheeled loaders
  • ZoneSafe™ Compact proximity warning system for forklift trucks and small site equipment
  • ZoneSafe™ Operator proximity warning system for vehicles with separate crew operated equipment such as refuse vehicles.

ZoneSafe™ proximity warning systems can also be used in other applications such as static machines and restricted areas.

ZoneSafe™ Standard - Proximity Warning System for Heavy Equipment
ZoneSafe™ Compact - Proximity Warning System for Forklift Trucks & Compact Equipment
ZoneSafe™ Operator - Proximity Warning & Operator System

Vehicles - RFID for Vehicle Applications

Avonwood offers a range of Eureka RFID solutions for vehicles, logistics and fleet operators that increase efficiency and effectiveness, providing accurate identification for safety, security and asset management applications.

Eureka RFID solutions are designed for a range of demanding and harsh environments requiring long-range tags, fast data rates, hands free operation and accurate data transfer.

With a reduction of dependency on human intervention, Eureka RFID solutions for vehicles provide straightforward and complete end-to-end asset management solutions.

Applications for Eureka vehicle solutions include:
  • Vehicle access control
  • Vehicle identification & tracking
  • Trailer identification & tracking
  • Transport, fleet & yard management
  • Driver authorisation
  • Parking management
  • Machine safety & auto shut off

Eureka Driver-iD - Authorised Driver System
Eureka Trailer-iD - Trailer Identification System
Vehicle Management
Vehicle Access Control & Monitoring

Vehicles - RFID for Vehicle Applications

Assets - RFID for Asset Identification & Management

Assets - RFID for Asset Identification & Management

Avonwoods’ portfolio of Eureka RFID solutions for asset identification and management provides a wealth of experience and expertise that includes both active and passive RFID systems.

Supplying advanced long-range active tags and shorter range passive tags Avonwoods’ Eureka RFID solutions provide fast, reliable and accurate multi dimensional data for the tracking, location and identification of reusable assets and equipment.

Supported with experienced design and manufacturing, Avonwood is well placed to provide both standard and bespoke RFID products and solutions for pilot trials through to fully integrated and networked enterprise systems on any level of asset management.

Applications for Eureka asset management solutions include:
  • Asset Identification
  • Asset Security
  • Asset Location & Tracking

Eureka Key Tagging
Eureka AssetBASE
Eureka Vial Track
RFID Starter Kits

Personnel - RFID for Personnel Applications

Avonwood provide a range of hands free solutions using both active and passive RFID systems that meet the needs of most personnel identification and monitoring applications. Such as time and attendance, staff location, mass evacuation and access control.

Multiple Eureka RFID tags can be read simultaneously from both assets and personnel, allowing seamless integration of separate systems. This provides the benefit of simpler system installation and a more cost effective investment into RFID technology.

Applications for Eureka personnel solutions include:
  • Location tracking
  • Authorisation & access control
  • Mass evacuation
  • Time & attendance
  • Lone worker
  • Personnel finder

Access Control
Mass Evacuation, Location & Accountability
Time, Attendance & Access Control

Personnel - RFID for Personnel Applications

Processes - RFID for Process Control & Manufacturing

Processes - RFID for Process Control & Manufacturing

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology provides production and manufacturing facilities with the opportunity to improve process control and automation applications. The return on investment and benefits of using RFID can be beneficial especially in the areas of operational efficiency, optimisation and quality control.

Avonwoods process control and automation solutions use the latest active and passive RFID technologies to provide robust and reliable identification and management, which will integrate into existing production and manufacturing facilities.

Applications for Eureka process control solutions include:
  • Automotive Production
  • Food Processing
  • Airport Catering
  • Product Assembly Lines

Tracking & Control

Services - RFID Business & Customer Services

Avonwood offers a range of business and customer services including RFID Consultancy, proof of concept and feasability studies, service support and system maintnenance.

RFID Services:
  • RFID Consultancy
  • RFID Feasability Studies
  • RFID Pilots
  • Service & Maintenance

RFID Consulting - Business & Technical Resource

Services - RFID Business & Customer Services

Case Studies - Identify & Manage Vehicles, Assets, Personnel & Processes

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